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ARVI HITECH is into the business of Industrial Automation and the authorized Parker Distributor in Chennai covering entire Tamilnadu, Kerala and Pondicherry for:

Incorporated in 2004, Arvi Hitech specialises in a wide range of pneumatic products and value added manufacturing systems in the field of automation. We are headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our company has been certified and accredited by reputed boards. We have a wide distribution network in the domestic and international market.

  1. Parker Fittings
    1. * At Arvi Hitech, we offer a high performance range of tube fittings by Parker.
    2. * The fittings are recognised for their high pressure performance and compact body. They are also space minimized solution for specific applications.
    3. * . It ensures maximum safety even under extreme pressure conditions.

  2. Pressure Sensor
    1. * Pressure sensors are invaluable to the Oil & Gas Industry. Owing to the usage, we offer a quality range of pressure sensors that feature accuracy, reliability and an extended lifespan.
    2. * Our sensors are a low cost option as against expensive wireless alternatives.

  3. Parker Tubes
    1. * Parker tubes offer high flexibility and compact cabling where a small bend radius is required.
    2. * The tubes are recognised for their superior chemical resistance, improved ageing, excellent resistance to humidity and bacteriological aggressions.

  4. Parker Automation Group
    1. * Parker Pneumatics
    2. * Parker Electro-mechanical products
    3. * Parker Life Sciences

  5. Parker Fluid Connector Group
    1. * Parker Hoses and Hose Assemblies
    2. * Parker ERMETO Connectors
    3. * Rectus/TEMA Quick Release Couplers

  6. Parker Hydraulics Group
    1. * Hydraulic Cylinder
    2. * Hydraulics Motors and Pumps
    3. * Servo/ Proportional Valves
    4. * DCV/Relief Valves
    5. * Power Packs
  7. We supply power packs with complete piping and installation done at customer's site.
  8. Parker CIC Group
    1. * Parker sporlan Refrigeration valves.
    2. * Parker Process Valves.
    3. * Sinclair Collins Stoping Module.
    4. * Lucifer & Goldring Products.
Apart from the above, we are the sole and authorised distributors in India for:
    1. * Precise CAM Operated Indexing Tables
    2. * Indexing Rings
    3. * Manipulators.
  2. EXAIR Range of Products.

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