Technical Tubes and Hoses

Polyurethane Tubing
The high flexibility of Legris flexible polyurethane tubing allows compact cabling where a small bend radius is required. Legris flexible polyurethane tubing has a shore hardness 52°D and conforms to NFE 49.101 standard.

The Legris offer includes 2 versions:

Anti-Static Polyurethane Tubing
Legris anti-static polyurethane tubing has a low surface resistance (103 ohms) and is designed to prevent accumulation of electrostatic charges. It perfectly meets the requirements of electronic environments and has a surface hardness of 50° shore D.
Polyurethane Twin Tubing
Legris flexible polyurethane twin tubing maintains the smooth surface of both tubes when separated and keeps the characteristics of their dimension.

Its use enables:
Nylon Recoil Tubing
Legris nylon recoil tubing ensures that the coil will continue to contract after multiple uses. Assembled with male stud 1/4" BSP taper fittings, it is ready for immediate use. Protection springs are fitted to prevent the ends of the tubing from becoming damaged. With a surface hardness of 60° shore D, it conforms to NFE 49.100 standard.

Advance Polyethylene tubing
Parker Legris Advanced PE tubing for Food Industry.

Nylon tubing
This range includes semi-rigid nylon tubing used in pneumatic systems and rigid nylon tubing ideally suited for centralized lubrication applications that require high pressure. Legris nylon tubing provides optimum mechanical properties, has good chemical resistance and conforms to NFE 49.100 standard. Semi-rigid tube is shore hardness 60°D and rigid tube, shore hardness 65°D

Anti-Spark Tubing
Legris anti-spark tubing conforms to UL94 VO standard and is suitable for installations submitted to aggressive environments, providing resistance to spark projections.

3 types of tubing are available:

Polyurethane Re-coil tubing
Legris polyurethane recoil tubing – without connectors is perfectly suited for installations requiring flexibility within a reduced space, thanks to its small coil diameters. Perfectly suited to Legris push-in fittings with protection rings, it enables safe and easy manipulation of pneumatic machinery. With a surface hardness of 52° shore D, conforming to NFE 49.101 standard.

Self-Fastening Hose
Legris self-fastening hose is constructed with NBR nitrile rubber reinforced with a textile braid on both inner and outer layers. It is designed for automobile process equipment (CNOMO E07.21115N) both for cooling circuits and for many general pneumatic installations. Used with Legris quick barbed fittings (page F21) this new range of tubing provides both reliability of self-fastening technology and simplicity of installation.

Technical Conditions of Use: