‘Transair’ Piping

Transair offers a cost effective, innovative and energy efficient aluminum compressed air pipe system that is easy to assemble, change and expand. Labor accounts for only 20 percent of the cost of installing Transair. By comparison, labor accounts for 60 to 80 percent of a steel system and 50 to 70 percent of a copper system. The materials and modular design of a Transair air pipe system makes it quicker and less expensive to install than traditional systems. Transair’s aluminum piping is easier to lift and handle than standard steel piping. The push-to-connect fittings secure connections with a simple push, which is much quicker and safer than soldering copper.

Transair’s aluminum pipe ensures a total absence of corrosion. The inner pipe surface consistently delivers clean compressed air. Transair prevents the problems caused by rust, which affects galvanized steel systems. Due to consistent clean quality air, from compressor outlets to machines, Transair’s aluminum pipe ensures higher longevity of equipment and avoids frequent changes of filtration elements. Transair can also be integrated into existing copper and steel piping without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects. Transair’s additional benefits include:
Compressed air represents one of the largest opportunities for immediate energy savings. Plant management is often surprised to hear that compressed air can represent 20-50% of a plant’s electric bill. Plant management is truly amazed when they find out that using an efficient piping system specifically designed for com¬pressed air can reduce their energy bill by 30-60%, many times within a 24-month period. For instance, a large industrial plant recently redesigned their compresed air system with Transair. This accounted for 35% savings in the plant’s monthly energy bill, which paid for the system in 15 months. The plant continues to save by: