Leader in Direct-Drive Servovalve technology
Woodward has earned a leadership position in sophisticated fluid and motion control technology, from the inception of electro-hydraulic servovalves over fifty years ago. Our fluid power valves and actuators are used in aerospace and industrial applications, providing reliable performance in demanding applications. Woodward leads a highly competitive field in design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic direct-drive Servovalves for industrial applications.

R-DDV® Servovalve
Woodward’s R-DDV® Servovalve is a new, unique and rugged servovalve design. The limited angle, rotary torque motor drives a valve spool directly through an “eccentric” built into the motor shaft. Rotary operation of the motor results in direct, linear spool motion which modulates the flow of fluid through the control ports of the valve.

The R-DDV® Servovalve has no fluid amplifier or first stage and, therefore, no orifice assemblies, nozzles, jets or filters to become clogged. The robust design is also tolerant of pressure spikes and mechanical shock and vibration. The reliability and high performance inherent in the R-DDV® Servovalve design is evident from the consistent, trouble free operation in many critical and demanding applications.